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McFattie Farm!

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We are a small hobby farm specializing in breeding and showing silkies, bantam polish and a few other bantam breeds. We have been breeding and exhibiting silkies for the past 10 years.


You’ll often see my two little poodles (Tucker and Gunner) and me posting about our trips to poultry shows along the eastern half of the US. We thoroughly enjoy this hobby from the excitement of a newly hatched chick, to washing birds for a show (not really) to becoming close friends to others in this hobby.

Many of you are familiar with our silkie line called Dylan's Silkies. We renamed our line to McFattie Farm to include other breeds in our flock several years ago.

-Anh Stanley, Owner

We specialize in silkies in the following varieties: white, black, splash, blue, buff, and self-blue.

In bantam polish, we specialize in self-white, white crested black, white crested blue,white crested cuckoo, and buff laced.